quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Precautions for playing


As the carrier and provider of quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center), we should ensure the safety and fun of tourists. The following are the precautions for playing "quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center)":

1. Comply with the regulations: Before entering the quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center), tourists should pay attention to the play rules and safety instructions, such as no slippers, no food, etc.

2. Choose age-appropriate game items: quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center) has a variety of game items, from small bouncy castles suitable for children to laser fighting for young people, visitors should choose games suitable for their age group project to avoid unnecessary injury.

quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

3. Pay attention to safety: keep your attention while playing, and don't hit the wall or collide with other tourists to avoid injury. For younger children, they need the company and care of adults. In case of an emergency, seek help from the staff in time.

4. Dress appropriately: For games that rely on body balance and coordination, it is recommended to wear stable and durable shoes and tie the shoelaces well. In addition, loose clothing and shoes need to be avoided.

5. Pay attention to hygiene: Due to the large number of tourists, we suggest that you do not eat lightly, and at the same time maintain hygiene, hand disinfection is a must.

All in all, in quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center), the safety of tourists and staff is the top priority, and we also welcome suggestions and comments from tourists to jointly create a safe and comfortable leisure and entertainment venue.

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