Adventurous Indoor High Rope Course Zip Line Rollglider Adventure Amusement Park Sky Rider/ Air Coaster
sky rider
An amazing adventure park equipment Air Coaster we built for a giant mall.Cheer Amusement’s latest generation of Air Coaster is designed for both adults and children and can be placed both indoors or outdoors with easy-fit harnesses. We have all sorts of ideas about how Air Coaster can fit into your adventure parks, so sit back, relax, and let us design the perfect sky-rider experience for you.
Cheer Amusement 5000 SQM Europe Theme Soft Contained Indoor Kids Playground
5000 SQM Europe Playground
This kids wonderland created by Cheer Amusement covers an area about 5,000 SQM and is inclusive of Main Soft Play Area, Toddler play area, and Sports Area with different themes, aiming to provide a rich and adventurous play experience for kids of all age groups. Inside this magnificent wonderland, children can find numerous entertaining yet challenging attractions, such as a Volcano, a Spider Tower, a 10-meter-high Wave Slide, an Inflatable Slide, Powerful Ball Blasters, Fun Climbing Walls, diverse styles of Giant Slides, etc. All of these custom made fantastic attractions are bond to generate high play value to kids! Furthermore, the whole park is designed, manufactured, and installed strictly in accordance to the European safety standards of EN1176 and EN71 for materials used for soft play, and the latest European safety standard: EN 15567-1. Children will have an amazing and memorable time in a fun and most importantly, safe environment.
Customized Waterpark Giant Inflatable Water Park Equipment High Quality Floating Inflatable Aqua Park
floating water park
A floating aqua sports park in Europe which were well designed and manufactured by Cheer Amusement! Consisting of tens kinds of obstacle courses, including the easiest way and the most skill-requiring courses, this great combination is designed to offer routes with different challenge level, every visitor can easily find and show his personal skill level. Our water game provides people a quite good location for physical training and relaxation in a very safe surroundings while having fun!
Free Design Parkour Ninja Course Commercial Kids and Adult Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
Ninja course parkour
Have fun and work out at our vibrant and exciting ninja course! This vibrant ninja course is full of fun. Players will find dozens of happy ways to interact with various challenging yet entertaining play items, such as parkour equipment, Ninja Panels, a Surfing Cross, a Swing Stairs Pathway, Ball Barrels, the list goes on.
Engine Themed Indoor Play Center First High- End Stainless Slide Theme Park in China by Cheer Amusement
stainless playground slide
A sleek and cool Engine Themed Play Center, the first high-end Stainless Slide Park designed, produced, and installed by Cheer Amusement
Cheer Amusement Giant Whale Shaped Slide
Come and experience this awesome whale shaped slide which is custom designed by Cheer Amusement. Our creative team has effectively combined the shape of a whale with our huge slide, making an interesting and entertaining attraction. Visitors will certainly be attracted to this giant slide and want a ride on it.
Cheer Amusement Marine-Themed Inflatable Pool Obstacle Course
Cheer Amusement has created an fun airtight water park full of obstacles. Designed with an ocean theme, marine sea creatures play a big role in each activity. It has a variety of challenging and entertaining features, such as a dolphin arced entrance, tunnels, beams, octopus obstacles, a whale shaped climbing and slide etc.
Cheer Amusemnet Castle Theming Water Park
This is a Hybrid Water Park. The swimming Pool and modulars in the pool are all airtight. While the big slide and the two sides are inflatables, people can choose other types of airtight modulars on the swimming pool. The airtight pool and modulars make sure that no electricity can harm the children playing in water. Long blower tubes behind the inflatable also keep children away from the actual blower safely.
Cheer Amusement Snow-Themed Inflatable Water Park
This is a Hybrid Water Park. The swimming pool and modulars in the pool are all Inflatable. While the Pola Bear and Ice Mountain are inflatable, you can choose other types of airtight modulars to the swimming pool. With water pipes that go up to the top of slide, the slide can be used as a water slide.
The worm shaped tunnel sculpture softplay with two shapes
This kind of worm shaped tunnel combines two different shapes together, one is the worm shape to draw children’s attraction; the other is the tunnel to ensure its playability. Moreover,these foam stuffs are not only soft touching but also very durable. It can be incorporated into FEC to creat more fun elements.
The ladybug shaped foam softplay with lovely cartoon decoration performance
This ladybug shaped item is very popular among the young players due to its lovely cartoon decoration performance. Moreover,these foam stuffs are not only soft touching but also very durable. It can be incorporated into FEC to creat more fun elements.