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Amazing Magic Cat Sports Carnival Indoor Fun Park
Cheer Amusement congratulates Magic Cat Sports Carnival on the perfect completion of all activities and its hot opening! The famous sports brand Magic Cat and Cheer Amusement have jointly created an amazing comprehensive indoor sports park, which once again embodies the latest fashion trends in the market. This awesome indoor sports park accommodates a wealth of entertainment activities, such as competitive climbing walls, unique plum piles, trampoline parks, sticky walls and etc. Cheer Amusement has built a fantastic immersive style one-stop entertainment base for both kids and young adults!
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Large Comprehensive Indoor Kids Play Area Set Up
Cheer Amusement set up a super large comprehensive indoor kids play area, Chimelong baby paradise. It can meet children's fun and parents' relaxation at the same time. The whole kids play area integrates climbing, jumping, sliding shooting, ball pool and other softplays, so that children can play happily in a fun and happy world, feel the beauty of sports and exploration, and discover the infinite possibilities of the world! Cheer Amusement offers comprehensive indoor playground solutions from initial design, manufacturing, installation, to after-sales services. As the first indoor playground equipment manufacturer in China to obtain both certificates under US and EU safety standards in the entertainment industry, we have built over 10,000+ indoor play structures all over the world in a variety of venues including FECs, indoor parks, kids parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, and more. Cheer Amusement and its highly skilled team of professionals always thrive to help you stand out in your indoor softplay and adventure park market!
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SPACE ZOOM kids play area
Cheer Amusement supported the famous amusement brand SPACE ZOOM to build a fantastic FEC play area with a unique design style with excellent planning and advanced color selection.
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Ninjia Inflatable Sports Park by Cheer Amusement
This Inflatable Sports Parks designed and manufactured by Cheer Amusement, will bring you into a passionate sports world. It is creatively incorporated with many sports elements, such as a climbing wall, jump tower, soccer game, wipe out, slides, etc.
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Airplay by Cheer Amusement
Airplay- A series of FUN and COLORFUL RIDES, US patented product manufactured by Cheer Amusement®, Exclusive sales authorized by GD INC USA. It is great creation for a variety of people and places.
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Indoor Play Equipment by Cheer Amusement
Cheer Amusement 1000SQM Kids Indoor Softplay Ground Children Indoor Soft Contained Playground Equipment w/ Volcano, Giant Slide ect...
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