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Climbing Frame

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adventure Parks are booming in Europe and N. America and awakea great interests global wide. They are usually designed for a larger volume of visitors and brings higher revenue for the operators simultaneously. Rope course is the major equipment for adventure parks. In the Adventure Park, the participants independently run a variety of trails whose difficulty levels are increased gradually. The activities challenge courage, balance, strength, flexibility and team spirit in a thrill boosting and amusing way while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with international safety standards .

Cheer Amusement is the pioneer who specializes in custom design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of Rope Course equipment that are specifically tailored for indoor play business. Safety is always the prime consideration during the first thought of design, strictly controlled production andcon- struction.Cheer Amusement' s Rope Course equipmentcomply to the latest EU safety standard: EN 15567-1 Sports and recreational facilities-Ropes courses-Construction and safety requirements.

Cheer Amusement' s Rope Course can be constructed on any scales and various difficulty levels that appeal to both kids and adults. Besides, Cheer Amusement provides adventure park total solution which contains many more challenging attractions like climbing wall, sky rider, free-fall slide, jumping tower, trampoline park, soft contained playground, Ninja Warrior, etc.

Cheer Amusement, the leading manufacturer of adventure park equipment, is the top brand in the industry and widely known for its affordable but high quality products. Cheer Amusement holds itself to a high standard and strives to present creative and original adventure park solution that comply to the latest international safety standards.

Cheer Amusement continues to stand in the forefront of the industry with its professional dedication to creative design, excellent product quality and customer satisfying service .

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