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Amazing Magic Cat Sports Carnival Indoor Fun Park
Cheer Amusement congratulates Magic Cat Sports Carnival on the perfect completion of all activities and its hot opening! The famous sports brand Magic Cat and Cheer Amusement have jointly created an amazing comprehensive indoor sports park, which once again embodies the latest fashion trends in the market. This awesome indoor sports park accommodates a wealth of entertainment activities, such as competitive climbing walls, unique plum piles, trampoline parks, sticky walls and etc. Cheer Amusement has built a fantastic immersive style one-stop entertainment base for both kids and young adults!
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Gravity space-time Adventure Park
In colorful Yunnan, Cheer Amusement cooperated with century Jinyuan gravity space-time to build Kunming indoor adventure sports park - the ultimate use of atrium space and combination with fashionable and advanced amusement events, including awesome climbing walls, ninja warrior course, stainless steel slide,and the list goes on! Excellent quality comes from ingenuity. Cheer Amusement continues as a trend setter in the amusement industry with our creativity and dedication! Brand Cheer Amusement Type Manufacturer Product Gravity space-time Adventure Park Factory Certification ISO9001 Certificate EN14960/SGS/TUV/ etc. OEM/ODM Welcome Design Customized Design Attraction Ball Pool, Inflatable Games, Bouncer, Toys, etc. Material PVC Payment term T/T, WU, e-Checking, VISA, etc. Trade Assurance Verified Supplier MOQ 1 Set
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New Trend! Cyberpunk Style Indoor Sports Park Manufacturer
Cyberpunk style is defined by youth, breakthrough, and individuality. While emphasizing its unique Chinese characteristics, our Cyberpunk indoor sports parks also generate an atmosphere of future high-tech which is in line with the values and visions of young generation nowadays. After the grand exhibition in Beijing, we continued to introduce this style into our amusement equipment in large projects such as Chongqing Yuehui, Dongguan Carnival, Gansu Big Blue Whale and more. Fortunately and not surprisingly, they were all big hits. The cool cyberpunk style was instantly viral and became one of the biggest trends in the market. All cyberpunk fun play worlds created by Cheer Amusement are now used as textbook-level design inspirations!
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FUNCE PARK Indoor Playground
Everyone can challenge themselves in various ways with our high-altitude attractions, climbing walls, warrior plum piles and more! Cheer Amusement is your one-stop amusement equipment supplier, from concept to realization.
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Bird Park Indoor Sports Arena
After multiple rounds of bidding competition, Cheer Amusement stood out competitively among the numerous bidders with its stunning design and the ultimate price-performance ratio, high-end quality, and complete qualifications. In just 50 days, with refined craftsmanship and orderly installation, the mysterious Bird Park dream was completed with majestic super-high hexagonal tower, the various cool giant slides, the multi-functional high rope course climbing frame ,and rock climbing walls with different shapes and unique styles... The list goes on! Cheer Amusement, the leading brand of cultural tourism and creative amusement equipment, is committed to creating a trendy and fun place for China and the rest of the world!
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The EXTREME SPORTS PARK is a collision of  imagination and reality. With the integration of science, technology, and sports competition, this new equipment from Cheer Amusement has reshaped the sports park industry, transcended the traditional, and given the category of Sports Park new life!     Brand Cheer Amusement Type Manufacturer Product Pin Screen  Factory Certification ISO9001 Certificate EN1176/SGS/TUV/ etc. OEM/ODM Welcome Design Customized Design Attraction Climbing Wall, Ball Pool, Inflatable Games, Bouncer, Toys, etc. Material Wood/Plastic/ Coating/PVC/Metal/Textile Payment term T/T, WU, e-Checking, VISA, etc. Trade Assurance Verified Supplier MOQ 1 Set
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