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Slide Carnival
Drop Slide for Indoor Playground
Our safety-guaranteed Vertical Drop Slide is an intimidating yet rewarding attraction. Players will have a thrilling ride up the slide then experience the incredible speeds at which they will slide down! As the leading manufacturer and provider of world class designs for adventure parks with diverse product lines and world-class service, Cheer Amusement is always your best partner at adventure parks!
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Stainless spiral slide of indoor playground equipment
The casting of super stainless steel slides-the national standard stainless steel tube sheet profile plus super transparent endurance plate, ultra-small laser slicing process, through the bending and welding of super technicians, exquisite and meticulous drawing treatment, so that the solid and thick raw materials bloom amazing stainless steel works of art!
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360° Kids Volcano Slides Indoor Play Area by Cheer Amusement
The 360° Kids Volcano Slides made by Cheer Amusement will make you fascinated by playing once. This summer, race with your friends and use our Volcano Slides to slide into the hottest! Add endless fun to your indoor play area!
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A three story revolving slide by Cheer Amusement
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Sled Slide
Slide is always the major & popular attraction for indoor FEC( Family Entertainment Center). The donut slide created by Cheer Amusement® is a new option beyond the normal slides. Children can inflatable slide down via the comfortable donut and enjoy the amazing snow skiing experience without the limit of time and space.
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Pull the slide
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