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Stainless Steel Slide
The Skyslide by Cheer Amusement
Cheer Amusement combines the exciting elements of roller coasters and Trampoline parks into one epic tourist destination by constructing multi-layered Skyslide that overlap each other.What makes this slide paradise even more intriguing is its transparent exterior.
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Customized Stainless Steel Slide Indoor Adventure Theme Park
This sleek and cool Engine Themed Play Center is designed, produced, and installed by Cheer Amusement for Wanda Group in Shanghai,China.
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Indoor Drop Slide by Cheer Amusement
Our safety-guaranteed giant Vertical Drop Slide is an intimidating yet rewarding attraction. Players will have a thrilling ride up the slide then experience the incredible speeds at which they will slide down! Once users conquer their fears, they will be lining up to feel the thrill again! 
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Cheer Amusement design builds around giant slide and ball pool
The ball pool with colorful plastic balls in children entertainment center. Pool with bright balls background. Fun, Game, Play.
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Add: No.17 Lantian Road, Airport Industrial Park,Jiangning District, Nanjing, China

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