Cheer Amusement 5000 SQM Europe Theme Soft Contained Indoor Kids Playground Model : 5000 SQM Europe Playground

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Welcome to the Super Jungle and Mountain Fun World in Europe!
This comprehensive wonderland created by Cheer Amusement covers an area about 5,000 SQM and is inclusive of Main Soft Play Area, Toddler play area, and Sports Area with different themes like Jungle and Mountain, aiming to provide a rich and adventurous play experience for kids of all age groups. Inside this magnificent wonderland, children can find numerous entertaining yet challenging attractions, such as a Volcano, a Spider Tower, a 10-meter-high Wave Slide, an Inflatable Slide, Powerful Ball Blasters, Fun Climbing Walls, diverse styles of Giant Slides, etc. All of these custom made fantastic attractions are bond to generate high play value to kids! Furthermore, the whole park is designed, manufactured, and installed strictly in accordance to the European safety standards of EN1176 and EN71 for materials used for soft play, and the latest European safety standard: EN 15567-1. Children will have an amazing and memorable time in a fun and most importantly, safe environment.
As the first Chinese manufacturer to obtain the TÜV “China Mark” for our soft play equipment, Cheer Amusement is always your best choice when it comes to designing and creating the most high-quality, creative, and safe themed indoor fun parks. Contact us today for more information!
Cheer Amusement 5000 SQM Europe Theme Soft Contained Indoor Kids Playground

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