Double Twisted Cyclone Slide LED Stainless Steel Slide for Indoor Playground Equipment Adventure Park by Cheer Amusement


Picture the excitement of descending from not just any cyclone slide but from towering heights of 11 meters and 7 meters! The Double Twisted Cyclone Slide, a masterpiece by Cheer Amusement, offers two exhilarating experiences, catering to both beginners and daring thrill-seekers.

Every element of this slide has been meticulously engineered to seamlessly merge fun with safety, with precise calculations of angles, dimensions, and lengths. Fashioned from our durable fiberglass material, it's built to withstand years of exposure to sunlight and wear. Our design and production strictly adhere to EN1176 and 1998 standards, and we subject our projects to rigorous in-house inspections and testing to guarantee an impeccable experience.

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